DIY Tips to Successfully Grow Recreational & Medical Cannabis

Growing your own cannabis can be both a therapeutic activity and a mode of self-sufficiency. As the acceptance of cannabis usage for both medical and recreational purposes grows, many individuals are exploring the possibility of cultivating their own product. Here at Sacred Garden, we are committed to providing you with the guidance necessary to successfully undertake this endeavor.

Necessary Tools & Environment

The first step you must take is gathering all the necessary tools and creating an optimal environment for your cannabis plants to thrive in. Whether you choose to grow plants indoors or outdoors will depend on your personal preference and resource availability. Indoor growth requires a controlled setting such as a grow tent or a grow room, while outdoor growth is best in natural settings, preferably in a garden.

The next consideration is the type of plant you wish to cultivate. There are hybrids, Indica, and Sativa each with varying levels of THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids. It is advised that beginners start with a strain that is easy to grow. An essential tip is to purchase seeds from a reputable source. Quality seeds are a prerequisite for a productive yield.

Planting Process & Aftercare

After you have decided on a strain, the next step is planting. Ensure that your pots or planting beds have adequate drainage – cannabis plants do not fare well in waterlogged conditions. Carefully place your seedling in the soil, just beneath the surface.

After planting, consider how to sustain the growth of your plant. Temperature and light control are essential, particularly for indoor growing. Providing a balanced light cycle – long hours of light with a shorter dark period – will enable your plants to thrive.

Proper feeding is also essential. Use tested, balanced nutrients to ensure the robustness of your plant. Always follow the suggested guidelines in terms of quantities and avoid overfeeding as it can lead to nutrient burnout.

Harvesting & Curing

Monitoring your plants is a crucial part of the process, especially as the harvesting period draws near. You’ll know your plant is ready for harvest when most of the small pistils have darkened and curled inwards. Carefully cut and trim the buds after which you can proceed with the curing process. Curing involves storing your buds in airtight jars for a certain period to enhance the flavor and quality.

The process may appear overwhelming at first but after a few cycles, the work becomes familiar. Remember, we at Sacred Garden, are here to guide you on every step of your journey into growing recreational and medical cannabis.